Telephone: (978) 318-7903
Located in Concord, Massachusetts
Serving Eastern MA, Southern NH, Northern RI
Established 2005. Celebrating 11 years in business!

"Add-ons" (Additional Options)                      

We offer a-la-carte options to add to the Basic Package;

  • HD Digital Version $150:
       As an alternative to DVD, an MPEG2 of edited video.
       Sent via cloud based file transfer service.
       You can upload and share!

  • Highlights $150:
        Recap of the entire day - about 15 minutes.
        Ideal for family who may not want to watch the entire 2 hrs.

  • Introduction $150:
        Montage of childhood/courtship photos, graphics/effects, & scanned invitation.

  • Pre-ceremony $250:
        Coverage of the bride getting ready at her home.

  • Additional Coverage $100:
        Price per hour.

  • Additional DVD Copies $40:
        Personalized label and customized jacket w/photos.

  • Raw Footage $150:
       All the footage of the day, unedited. Format of your choice.
       If you want to see it all or to create your own digital short.

  • Blu-ray DVD $150:
       High Definition video.