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How to find a Wedding Videographer Massachusetts

Planning a wedding can be an arduous ordeal. The ceremony and reception location are still found the old fashioned way, because they are a physical location. But for your DJ, photographer, and videographer the internet has made it easier to shop and compare.

Cost Considerations:

Some still have a storefront but many have chosen to have a studio in their home as a way to keep prices down. In either case, each is sure to have a website.

The larger companies, National Chains and Wedding Referral Websites spend a significant amount on advertising. The local small business has a harder time getting you to find them. If you run a web search, the ones listed at the top or on the side have spent money to come up first. The ones a few scrolls down have not. It only makes sense that advertising increases the cost of the product.

Some offer all three services at a “package discount” which is very convenient for the bride but often not the most cost effective method. Some contract out these services which add to the total cost since they obviously have to keep some. And they contract out to a local vendor anyway. Dealing directly with the local avoids this fee.

Things that increase the cost of DJ/Photography/Videography
 1) Those having a storefront have to pay rent.
 2) Web searches popping up first have to pay advertising fees.
 3) Companies who contract out services add a middleman fee to the cost.

Reputable Vendors:

It is very easy to make professional looking websites. You cannot tell from the website if they are a reputable company. Two simple things can ensure you will be getting a qualified professional in a local community.

 1) Do a Google search on the company. If they are disreputable you will see many negative entries within the first several results. If they are reputable, you will see links to their videos and other business listings. You may not necessarily see glowing reviews because customers do not go to extensive measures to post positive things unlike if they had a problem.

 2) Ask if you may meet. You should be able to meet with the actual individuals that will be performing these services – not just a company sales person. Less reputable companies will promise you experience but hire from CraigsList.

Evaluating the Website:

Many websites have lots of flash and glitz but not many useful examples, and even fewer have actual prices listed. Although price should not be the only thing used to make your decision, it certainly is a consideration in determining if this vendor is even a possibility for you.

“Serving Waltham” is different from “Located in Waltham”. The latter is a local Waltham vendor while the former could be located in any state and contracts out to local vendors. Local vendors have a large “Serving” area so a Waltham vendor could cover Eastern MA, Southern NH, and Northern RI.

Ensure the team is experienced so they know what to shoot, where to be, and not to interfere. One thought is to get a film student since they will have access to a good camera and have taken classes – but there is nothing like experience shooting weddings to know where and when to be. Ask about their experience and techniques.

Finding a Local Vendor

So now that you know you need a local vendor, how do you find them? You want to enter a web search that will narrow the results to those located in the area of your wedding. Try;
     Wedding Videography Eastern Mass
     Wedding Videographer Located in Eastern Mass

You will still get the large companies and referral websites who have paid a great deal to come up first if you use the word “wedding”. If the above searches resulted in all companies that refer you to vendors rather than the actual vendor websites, then try leaving the word “wedding” out.

Good luck!