Telephone: (978) 318-7903
Located in Concord, Massachusetts
Serving Eastern MA, Southern NH, Northern RI
Established 2005. Celebrating 10 years in business!

Performing Arts

We cover a variety of performing arts, including;

  • dance (recitals, arangetrams)
  • theater (musicals, plays)
  • concerts (chorus, orchestra, band)

We have produced over 100 programs from the performing arts for various local schools and groups.  

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We have two types of pricing methods.
1) The first is a "flat fee" based on number of hours of coverage.
2) The other has no upfront cost; payment is from a "sales fee" from DVDs.

Flat Fee: General coverage for a performance with one video camera and standard editing including a title screen is about $75 per hour ($300 for the first hour). 2nd camera is an additional $200 fee.

Sales Fee: Our fee is comprised of selling DVDs ordered from the audience.
   - This method is ideal for schools
       For essentially no cost to the organization, a quality video will be made.
       All we require from the school is assistance in publicizing the sale.
       Our service fee is made up entirely from sales of DVDs.
         - a minimum number of DVD sales is required.
           i.e., a minimum of 30 DVDs at $25 each.



General coverage consists of one video camera and standard editing including a title screen. We can link into the sound system to ensure great sound. Otherwise we can set up microphones in front of the stage.

For a higher quality video production, two video cameras and operators are used. One will be in a wide shot capturing everyone who is on stage and adjusting as the scene changes. The second camera will film close-ups of soloists or primary figures when appropriate. Then during editing, cuts between these two views will be made seamlessly without any visible extreme panning and zooming.

Editing is usually completed within 10 days, but 30 days guaranteed.