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Established 2005. Celebrating 10 years in business!

Frequently Asked Questions             

Q: Do I really need two cameras for the ceremony?
A: Two cameras at the ceremony are important for a quality video. Most videographers charge extra for this and/or their second camera is not manned. One camera is stationary and the other mobile so he can be in the right spot for the different parts of the ceremony (exchange of rings, candle lighting, etc).

Q: Why is there such a range of prices? Why shouldn’t I just take the least costly one?
A: The prices range so much due to a variety of reasons. Experience, equipment, number of cameras, number of hours of coverage, editing, extras chosen, etc. Also, some videographers are trying to break into the business so offer a low price because they are inexperienced. Some have low quality cameras and equipment. For some it is just a hobby. Some do not edit properly (instead, they do “in camera editing”). Editing is extremely important and a time-intensive part in producing a DVD you will be happy with. And yes, some are just over priced.

Q: Is your price within my budget?
A:We have standard packages but these are just starting points because of the variety of choices and combinations. We can customize a package to meet any budget AND meet your requirements.

Q: How much does it really cost, including all the “extras”?
A: We do not hide our prices to make you call and talk to a salesman. They are listed on our website and in our literature. We charge nothing additional (except a parking fee if applicable and sales tax).

Q: Does the company provide quality work?
A: We have high-end cameras (two at the ceremony) and equipment, and pleasant, accommodating, talented professionals who will work with you to ensure you are happy with your video. We dress appropriately, are not overweight, ans are unobtrusive.

Q: How can I evaluate the quality of the work?
A: You need to watch recent videos from all the videographers you are considering. Not  just snippets but an entire wedding. They could just be sending you their best segments. I will give your references - people you can actually talk to about the video we made for them. Investigate, evaluate, search the web, check references.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive the video?
A: We have fast turn-around and most likely will send your finished video to you by end of the following week. This is because this is our full time job, so the editor can do the 20 to 30 hours of editing required by starting Monday morning.

Q: How far ahead do I need to book?
A: We are booked anywhere from two years in advance, right up until the week before. I do recommend signing up when you have completed your investigation and research and have decided on a videographer. If you wait, you take the chance the date may no longer be available.

Q: Does the company have integrity?
A: We won't try to get you to sign up quickly by offering a special price that is only good for a short time. We are straight forward with our prices and don’t have extra charges (mileage, etc.). We do most of our communication via email, which we find people prefer over the phone where a clever salesman can talk you into things before you realize it. You don’t want high pressure sales techniques, and you don’t want to have to ask for information (it should be all presented on their webpage clearly outlining what you get and what it costs). A legitimate videographer doesn’t mind your shopping around and comparing services and prices. We encourage it because we are confident that you will be pleased with our services. We want you to see what others offer, this will help in your decision.

Q: Are the videographers and editors employees who work at the studio or sub-contractors?
A:Some videography studios do not employ a staff of videographers. Instead they act as a middleman to find out what your requirements are, and then consign the actual assignment to a videographer sub-contractor. Some of these sub-contractors do videography “on-the-side”. Others have their own videography business but don't advertise. Advertising is expensive so is included in the fee charged. So make sure you know if your wedding will be “farmed-out” (with that videographer sub-contractor) or if it will be done by an actual employee. We are full-time videographers with our own staff. We spend minimally on advertising, so our prices are lower.  From start to finish, you are dealing directly with the people who will create your video.


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