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An Arangetram is an Indian classical dance, a graduation performance that needs a year or two of concentrated preparation topped off with a few months of dedicated practice. An Arangetram takes place only after the student (artist) has acquired a substantial high-standard repertoire.


The coverage is for up to 4 hours and includes videography of the performance, and optional photography (pre and post dance, not during).

The performance will be videotaped in wide-screen as close as possible, getting the full body and panning to follow the dancer(s) around on the stage.

The second camera will take close-ups to capture her facial expressions.

If there are two dancers, the second camera will alternate between them.

We can pick up sound directly from audio system.
The edited DVD will usually be completed within 10 days, 1 month guaranteed.

 We will provide;
  - Skillfully edited DVD
  - Color labels and jackets customized with photos from the event

$600 – Two cameras and two operators for up-to four hours
$100 – Per additional hour of coverage
$  40 – Additional DVD
$100 – HD Version online for 3 months
$150 – Raw/Unedited footage - your choice of format
$200 – Blu-ray DVD


The purpose of our photography is to get posed pictures of the dancer with all her relatives and friends, as well as the decorations in the lobby, and the guests enjoying themselves. It is not to take photographs during the dance itself.

Approximately 200 pictures taken before and after the performance
     - Lobby decorations
     - Post dance photos with friends and family on stage
     - Reception (applicable if videography coverage of reception is purchased)
     - Note: No photos are taken during the performance.

$300 – For the pictures to be taken and provided on CD
        – Photos ca optionally be on-line for three months.
               (Click here to view photography sample)