Telephone: (978) 318-7903
Located in Concord, Massachusetts
Serving Eastern MA, Southern NH, Northern RI
Established 2005. Celebrating 13 years in business!

About Carlisle Video Productions

At Carlisle Video Productions we are proud of our quick response to our clients needs and creation of high quality productions in a timely manner, usually within 10 days of the event.

Quality Videography

Quality videography is a combination of professionalism, skill, equipment, experience, and editing.

  - Begins when you contact Carlisle Video. We'll promptly and courteously
    respond to your questions and concerns.
  - Continues with the hassle-free process of contracting us for your special day.
  - Our videographers will be appropriately attired, non-intrusive, and polite.
  - Ends with the prompt completion and delivery of your video with a follow-up
    later to ensure you are satisfied.

  - knowing how to frame and take every shot,
  - where to physically locate the cameras for the best views,
  - making camera adjustments for different lighting situations

  - The prosumer video cameras that our videographers use capture a picture
    that is far superior to home video cameras.

  - Carlisle Video has produced hundreds of wedding videos. 
  - We have been in business for over 10 years.
  - This is not a part-time job.
  - Our videographers are employees, not sub-contracted free-lancers.

  - Editing is underappreciated because its importance is not understood.
  - Without proper editing, the video looks amateurish and you will not be happy.
  - Proper editing requires at least two hours for every hour of footage.






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